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Date : 2018 Sunday 15 Jul
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The managing director of the gas company of East Azarbaijan said:

28 villages of Hashtrood, with cover of 1,100 families, benefit from gas

Gas supply projects will be distributed to 28 villages of Hashtroud City, covering 1,100 rural households.
According to the public relations of the gas company of East Azarbaijan Province, the company's CEO, along with the governor of Hashtroud, assessed the process of implementing the new city projects and evaluated the progress of the projects. Seyyed Reza Rahnameh Towhidi referred to the 100% utilization of the urban household and 85% of the households in the city of Hashtrud, and said: "Instead, ... the projects of the gas company in the city of Hashtrud, the rural land use of this city 10% increase and 1100 new households will connect to the natural gas consumption circuit of the country. He added: "Out of 185 eligible gas distribution villages in Hashtroud, 129 villages are sparkling, 28 villages underway, and 28 villages are under study and design." It should be noted that, in addition to evaluating the implementation of construction projects in Hashtroud city, the progress of the construction of the administrative building and the aid of Nasrkehrazi was also visited. The governor of Hashtroud city expressed his hope in this visit, while desirably evaluating the implementation of the projects and appreciating the performance of the province's gas company: ongoing projects are being implemented with increasing speed in the shortest possible time, and the percentage of the city's benefit from clean gas Natural increase. The city with an area of ​​1,990 square kilometers is located 120 kilometers east of East Azarbaijan and is located north of Bostanabad, east of the Middle, west of Maragheh, and south of Charaymah.