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Date : 2018 Sunday 15 Jul
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Hosted by the Gas Company of East Azarbaijan Province

Eighth Meeting of the Expert Working Group on the Review of the Set of Provisions for the Issue of Work Permits

The eighth meeting of the Expert Review Working Group on the "Settlement of Work Permit Scheme" hosted by HSE and Passive Defense of the East Azarbaijan Province gas company was held on Saturday, July 9 and 10, in the training center of the Amphitheater.
According to the Public Relations Department of the East Azarbaijan Gas Company, the head of the company's HSE, in explaining the application of the set of licensing regulations, said the license system is a key factor in ensuring that all measures are taken to ensure the safety of the personnel involved in the facilities Work is to be done. This system can only work effectively if all work-related personnel, such as licensors, supervisors and operators, are subject to the work permit system and precautionary measures and other criteria that are included in each license and checklist or safety list. Has been adhered to. Ebrahim Khodaei added that the first set of regulations on work permits was ratified in 1348 and its first revision was carried out in the years 85-88, and the organization's needs for outsourcing activities required the review and revision of these regulations. Accordingly, a specialist working group consisting of expert experts from gas companies in the provinces of East Azarbaijan, Tehran, Semnan, Khorasan Razavi, North Khorasan and Gilan, South Pars Gas Refining Companies, Hasheminejad and Fajr Jam, Regions 6 and 9, and Transition Headquarters The Gas of Iran, the Engineering and Development Company, and the headquarters of HSE, Iran National Gas Company, are responsible for these ongoing surveys. . The head of HSE's affairs continued: In this review period, using the IGEM standard and considering the operational risks and activities of provincial gas companies, the engineering and development company, gas refining companies and gas transmission lines, tried to increase the share Butterflies have been controlling and reducing incidents.