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Date : 2018 Sunday 15 Jul
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Managing Director of Gas Company of East Azarbaijan Province:

Monthly CNGs use 54 million cubic meters of gas

Each month 54 million cubic meters of natural gas will be delivered to the province's premises.
According to the Public Relations Department of the Gas Company of East Azarbaijan Province, the CEO said with the announcement that by using this amount of gas by the province's vehicles, it was actually neglected to use gasoline, which in addition to the economic benefits for vehicle owners, saving the economy National and positive environmental impacts. Saeed Reza Rahnameh Tawhidi added: "The optimal use of energy resources, improvement of the environment and the replacement of fuel with natural gas is one of the main advantages of using natural gas, which is why the gas company is prepared to supply gas to the main customers of the province. Referring to the fact that the East Azarbaijan province currently has 160 gas supply stations, he stated: 50 stations belong to the metropolitan area of ​​Tabriz and 110 stations belong to the provincial cities.